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9 Things Men REALLY Want in a Sydney NSA Relationship

NSA Sydney

Are you a woman who is looking into an NSA, or no strings attached relationship in Sydney? If so, you should know that there are many men out there who are looking for the same. Find NSA Sydney

The truth is, you will easily be able to find a man who is looking for a relationship that is NSA in Sydney, but before you get into that, you should know what these men are looking for out of these relationships.

Here are 9 things that men are looking for in a Sydney NSA relationship:

1 – He Wants Women Who Don’t Want Commitments
If a man in interested in a Sydney NSA relationship, you can be certain that he will not be looking for any type of commitment.

For some women, this is acceptable since they will not be looking for a commitment themselves. For other women, they might be looking for something a bit more serious. If this is the case, this probably isn’t the right relationship for you.

2 – He Wants a Woman Who Wants Sex
Another thing a guy who is looking for an NSA relationship will want is sex…and he will want it often. What you really need to realise about an NSA relationship is that it is only about sex, nothing else.

You should both be focused on physical needs in this type of relationship and that’s about it.

3- He Wants a Woman Who Won’t Want to Date
A man who is looking for an NSA relationship will also not want to date. This means, as a woman looking into this type of relationship, you shouldn’t ever expect your NSA partner to take you out for drinks or buy you dinner. Instead, he will be sending an SMS asking where you should meet for sex.

4 – He Wants a Woman Who is Not Jealous
You will also want to remember, when seeking out an NSA relationship, that the man who is looking for one will not want any jealousy in his life.

In this type of relationship, you need to keep in mind what this type of relationship is about. When you do, you will realise that there is no reason to get jealous as there is no dating and no commitment.

5 – He Will Look for Someone Adventurous in Bed
Additionally, a man that wants an NSA relationship will want a woman who is quite adventurous in the bedroom.

Ideally you should want to try new thinks and should be open to considering what he wants to do. Bring your own ideas to the table, as well.

6 – He Will Want a Woman Who is Readily Available
In this type of relationship, it will be very important that you are available to each other when it comes to meeting for sex.

In most cases, you will find that these meetings are spontaneous, so you should be ready to meet fairly quickly. He should, of course, do the same.

7 – He Will Want His Privacy
Also, a man who is in a Sydney NSA relationship will want a woman who won’t talk about him and who will respect his privacy.

You might think it is great that you have a regular sex partner, but he won’t want you talking about it in most cases. Discretion is always wise.

8 – He Wants a Woman Who Will Go Home After Sex
Yes, you might get an invite from the guy you are in an NSA relationship with to come over, but the truth is, he is only inviting you over for sex.

He won’t want you to sleep over, nor will he want you to stay and cuddle. Once the sex is over, take your leave. He will do the same.

9 – He Will Want a Woman Who Follows the NSA Rules
Finally, you will find that there are a lot of rules when it comes to a Sydney NSA relationship. Some of these rules have been listed above.

A man in this relationships will want to follow them, just as he will want his partner to.

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