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How To Go From NSA To A Full-Time Relationship

Sydney NSA

If you have been participating in the Sydney NSA scene, or no strings attached, you might find that you meet someone who really gets the deed done when it comes to sex. Find NSA Sydney

Now sex is an important part of any relationship and in a relationship that is considered NSA in Sydney, sex is the main focus.

In most NSA relationships, moving to something more serious likely will never happen.

In fact, most of the time, people who are in a Sydney NSA relationship would never even think to allow a no strings attached, sex based relationship turn into anything more…but sometimes it can and sometimes it does.

Are you in a situation where you want your current NSA relationship to turn into something full time? Here’s what you can do:

Read the Signs
Let’s assume, for a minute, that you have been hooking up with someone for a period of time and things are going well.

You meet for sex, you have a blast, you go home. But when you get home, you might start thinking that you wish you could have slept over or you should have thought about seeing if your hook up buddy might have wanted to grab a drink. 

This is a sign that you might be ready to see if there is more to this relationship than meets the eye. The trick is, however, is finding out if your partner is ready too.

In order to do this, you need to read the signs from him or her, too. For instance, do they try to keep you from leaving after you have met for sex?

Have they sent you any messages that concern things other than meeting? If so, it might be right for you to bring up a drink or sleeping over.

Is this Really What You Want?
Before you make a move, however, you will also want to really ask yourself if this is what you want.

For instance, are you really into the sex part and think that you will be cool with the commitment part, the compromise part, the drama part, and the feelings part?

All of those things will be present in a long term relationship and most people get into an NSA relationship in order to avoid them. Are you truly ready for that with this person? And if not this person, would you be ready to do it with another?

These questions will need to not only be answered, but also thought on, before you make the choice to take the next step.

Bridge the Gap
If you are truly ready to try to turn your Sydney NSA relationship into a full time relationship, you will need to bridge the gap and you will need to take that initiative.

If you are in the typical NSA relationship, you probably are very honest with each other and what you need from each other.

You can use this honesty to get to the next level by being open with your NSA partner. For instance, the next time you meet up for sex at your place, when the sex is over, ask if he or she wants a beer or a glass of wine.

This will open the door to the possibility of something more, without being blatantly open about it.

This will also be a way for you to gauge the willingness of the other person to step out of that sex-only area and explore what could be.

If they accept and all goes well, try it again in a week or so. At that point, they may have asked you the same or you may need to take a further step and be honest about your intentions.

Remember though, as much as you may want to take this relationship to the next level, your partner might not want to.

If they don’t, you should do the right thing and step out of this relationship now, before your feelings develop further.

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