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11 Sexy Things to Say to a Woman on a Dating Site

NSA Sydney

Are you looking for NSA in Sydney? There are many reasons why NSA dating is becoming more popular. Find NSA Sydney

Both men and women are actively looking for this type of relationship and one of the most popular ways to find a partner for NSA in Sydney is to search online.

There are many popular sites that cater to relationships for NSA hookups and when you join one, you will have access to others looking for the same thing.

In order to impress a woman on an NSA site, use some of the following 11 sexy lines:

1 – “I Can’t Believe How Sexy You Are”

Sometimes it’s good to go right for the kill and flatter her from the start. For this reason, you want to tell her how sexy she is.

Even if there is no response, you have nothing to lose. It is not out of the question, thanks to this boldness, that you could be shagging this woman very soon.

2 – “Looking for a Bit of Naughty Fun?”

This type of phrase would get you nowhere on a regular dating site, but on a NSA site, it is acceptable. Keep in mind, she is also looking for an NSA relationship so she will definitely appreciate this line.

3 – “Do You Want to Meet Friday?”

Bringing up a meeting from the first message is a great way to get a lady’s attention. If she likes your profile, you will likely have sex in your very near future.

4 – “I Can’t Stop Thinking About Being With You”

Letting her know that you are extremely interested is a great move in the right direction and a good way to break the ice.

5 – “Would You Like to Ask Me Out?”

Sometimes a bit of humour can go far with the ladies and NSA dating is no exception to the rule.

6 – “I Would Really Like to Get to Know You”

When NSA dating, the slower route can also produce great results. Don’t allow yourself to get too close to her friendship wise, but being friendly is certainly a valid option.

7 – “It’s OK if We Take it Slow”

In this example, you will generally find that the total opposite will happen. You are showing her that you are not pushy and you want her to be comfortable. You are giving her control of the situation.

8 – “You are Making Me Think Dirty Thoughts”

Instead of focusing on you thinking naughty things, put the focus on her by adding the “you”. It will show her that she is reason for those thoughts.

9 – “Will You Allow Me the Opportunity to Give You Pleasure?”

By alluding to the fact that you will be able to get her to orgasm, you will not only get to the point as to what you are looking for, you will probably turn her on in the process.

10 – “You are Gorgeous and Intriguing”

This is a great line because you are again stating she is beautiful but at the same time, you find something intriguing about her…and she will definitely want to know what that is. Make sure to be cool and calm with your response.

11 – “You Won’t Forget Being with Me”

Women love confident men and by showing this confidence, you will certainly pique her interest.

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