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NSA Sydney

NSA Sydney – Avoid These 11 Mistakes With No Strings Dating

NSA Sydney

If you’re seeking NSA in Sydney you’re not alone… many people in Sydney are and the people who are looking for this type of lifestyle are solely looking for this type of relationship.NSA Dating Sydney

Many don’t want a romantic relationship, they’re simply looking for a physical relationship.

People also might already have a relationship and they aren’t happy with the physical part.

Some might just be looking for a short term fling. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if you are looking in Sydney for NSA dating, you can easily find it.

No strings dating in Sydney is gaining popularity but not everyone is as smooth as they need to be. By being careful to avoid the following 11 mistakes, no strings dating in Sydney will be quite easy.

1 – Not Being Upfront With What You Want

You definitely need to be upfront with your intentions when it comes to NSA dating. Be direct and upfront about what you want from this relationship.

2  – Keep Emotions Out of the Equation

People will also make the mistake of becoming emotionally involved in these types of relationships. It is great to be friendly with the other person, but don’t get to the point where you start falling for them.

3 – Stop Being Shy

Don’t be too shy to share what you want with the other person. Let’s be honest, we want sex. They want sex too.

4 – There is No Room for Jealousy

NSA means no real dating relationship, so keep the jealousy in check. Refer to #2 above if you do feel jealous.

5 – Don’t Forget to Set Rules

If a no strings relationship is going to work, you are going to have to set rules with your partner. An example of a rule would be, will you tell your friends?

6 – Not Being Safe

You shouldn’t be in any type of sexual relationship of this kind without using protection.  Protection will ensure there is no pregnancy and no spreading of disease.

7 – No, Your Friends Don’t Have to Know

You definitely don’t have to tell your friends about this relationship and most of the time, it is best this way. Keep it off social media as well.

8 – They Won’t Care About Your Secrets

Sex is the focus of this type of relationship and its unlikely that the other person will really care about your hopes and fears for life.

9 – Not Letting Go At the End

This is not meant to be a long term relationship and if the other person wants out, let them out. There is never any need to contact each other after the relationship has ended.

10 – Give Your Gifts to Someone Who Cares

Avoid leading anyone on by keeping the gifts and keepsakes to yourself.

11 – Being Afraid to Say No

If your partner contacts you to meet, don’t be afraid to say no. If you don’t want sex at this moment, let them know.

On the flip side, if the person you are currently hooking up with says no, don’t be offended. There are others out there who would be perfectly willing to be with you.

If this seems too straightforward or harsh, no strings dating might not be your thing. If it is, avoid these mistakes at all costs and you will find happiness in the world of dating with NSA.

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